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Wallet Pay at KANZA Bank: The Easiest Way to Pay

Wallet pay has arrived at KANZA Bank! You can now use your KANZA Bank debit card on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Wallet Pay allows you to make contactless purchases at participating merchants from the convenience of your phone or smart watch! If you left your wallet at home, your card is broken or it’s lost in the depths of your purse, worry no more! Simply open your wallet app of choice and hold near the terminal. Your transaction will process instantly and you’ll receive a confirmation notification.

Plus, purchases made using a wallet pay app are considered signed-based and also help you earn KA$H Back! Banking with KANZA Bank just got easier! Watch the videos below on how to set up your wallet pay app.

How to Set Up Apple Pay

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How to Set Up Google Pay

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How to Set Up Samsung Pay

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Wallet Pay FAQs

Q: What is Mobile Wallet?

A: Mobile Wallet is a virtual wallet that stores information from a credit/debit card on a mobile device. It allows users to make in-store payments without having to carry cash or physical credit/debit cards. Depending on the app, it may communicate with the card reader by a tap of a Near-Field Communication-enabled device (NFC) on the card reader or by Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). MST allows for the phone to be used for contactless payments even at mag stripe terminals by using a magnetic field to communicate with the terminal.


Q: Which mobile wallets are supported by KANZA Bank?

A: KANZA Bank supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.


Q: How do you get started using Mobile Wallet?

A: Cardholder downloads the app of their preferred digital payment service. They either take a picture of their card or manually input the card PAN, Exp Date, and CVV. The digital payment provider requests a payment token from the Visa or MasterCard Token Vault. The token request is shared with the issuer (FIS), which issues approval and replaces the card’s PAN with a Token.


Q: What is Tokenization?

A: Tokenization is the replacement of a card number, or PAN, with a pseudo number called a “token”, for use in a digital-payment transaction. Tokenization provides an additional layer of defense against fraud by allowing the token to be stored and used in the merchant environment in place of a PAN. The merchant never receives the PAN and it is not stored in the mobile wallet.


Q: What if I need technical support while trying to add my card to my mobile wallet?

A: If errors or problems are experienced while trying to add your card to your mobile wallet, call 844-577-2490. Technical support is available 7:30am - 10pm CST, seven days a week.


Q: How does FIS authenticate cardholders?

A: FIS has a detailed process on how to authenticate cardholders. FIS utilizes anti-spoofing software to validate the caller and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) to compare to the numbers we have on file. The customer may be asked for their SSN, CVV, Mother’s Maiden Name, Last Debit Card Transaction Amount or Merchant, Last Transaction Amount, Last Deposit Amount, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Mailing Address, etc.  They may also be asked multiple choice questions like; Which bank holds your mortgage? A,B,C, or D; At which of the following addresses have you lived at? A,B,C, or D.


Q: Are mobile wallets safe?

A: Yes, mobile wallets do not store card numbers and the merchant only receives the token, so the debit card number is not compromised in the event of a data breach. The apps will require a unique PIN or thumbprint for payment approval.


Q: Is there a limit on the number of tokens per card?

A: MasterCard allows up to nine tokens per card. The app itself may have limits as well.


Q: When a card is reissued with a new expiration date, will it need to be updated in mobile wallet?

A: Yes, at this time, cardholders will need to delete and reprovision the new card into the mobile wallet when their cards are reissued with a new expiration date.


Q: Will the customer be required by the merchant to enter their PIN?

A: Generally, no; however, some merchants may still require the card PIN to be entered even when using mobile wallet for a contactless payment.           


Q: Can you use mobile wallets at gas stations, vending machines, or ATMs?

A: Yes, although functionality is dependent on device, mobile wallet and merchant equipment. This feature is not yet widely available.        


Q: Can cardholders use mobile wallets without a wi-fi or cellular data connection?

A: Yes, payments can be made without the device being connected to wi-fi or cellular data, although the number of offline transactions may be limited until connection is restored. Additionally, an active internet connection will be required to add a card to the mobile wallet.


Q: Can a business card be added to a mobile wallet?

A: Yes, business cards can enjoy the same convenience as consumer cards.

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