Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help! Find answers to our most commonly asked questions below. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

  • How can I submit customer feedback? Expand Icon

  • How is my online account protected? Expand Icon

    • KANZA Bank protects our customers by using a combination of security measures that are among the best in the e-commerce industry.

      • Login Security. This online security feature provides an additional layer of protection from fraud and identity theft by preventing unauthorized access to your secure financial information. Login Security uses technology to verify your identity using a one-time passcode to authenticate the user via text or voice message. It also allows us to recognize your computer.

      • Encryption. All customer information is encrypted using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology supported with digital certificates provided by GeoTrust, Inc. This means that your loan application information is safe and secure as it travels over the Internet.

      • Firewall Security. We use leading firewall and network security technology to protect our internal computer systems from unauthorized access. Our customers can be confident that their personal information is completely safe and private after they apply.

  • Where can I find my routing number? Expand Icon

    • Your routing number can be found at the bottom of a physical check. It’s the first set of 9 numbers on the left-hand side. KANZA Bank’s ABA Routing Number is 101102124.

  • How do I sign up for eStatements? Expand Icon

    • Online eStatements are efficient and convenient, not to mention good for the environment — and they’re free!

      Just like paper…only better. eStatements look and function just like paper statements. You can view, print and download your financial statements wherever you access the internet. 

      More secure. Did you know that stolen paper statements, bills and checks account for a high percentage of identity theft cases? With KANZA Bank eStatements, your financial information is available online and protected by multiple layers of security. 

      Customize for your needs. Set up your eStatements with automatic email notifications alerting you when your statements are available for many accounts, including checking, savings, home mortgages, personal loans and lines of credit.

      eStatements are available for eligible accounts of KANZA Bank customers. To switch to eStatements, follow these steps:

      1. Log in to KANZA Bank personal online banking.
      2. Select and click on eStatements on the main navigational bar.
      3. Click on Change Username Options
      4. Follow the prompts to set up your eStatement preferences. 
  • How do I order checks? Expand Icon

    • You may reorder your checks directly from the Harland Clarke website, just click here. Once you have followed the prompts, your order will be placed directly with Harland Clarke.

  • What if I forgot my password? Expand Icon

    • If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the Online Banking Login at the top of our home page and click "Reset Password." This will take you to a page with the headline "Can’t access your account?" Simply type in the phone number associated with your account profile and your Username. Click on the box "Send me a new password.”

  • What features are included in My Profile? Expand Icon

    • When setting up your online banking for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a profile. The My Profile menu contains account identification information like your username, email address and security phone numbers. You also have the ability to update the fields within this section. My Profile includes:

      • About Me - This is your username, user ID and email that we have on file.
      • Security - This is your online banking username, password and delivery methods for receiving one-time passcodes.
      • My Settings - Features like Alerts & Notifications, Account Nicknames and User Options.
  • How do I create or change nicknames for my accounts? Expand Icon

    • You have the ability to change account descriptions (names) for easier recognition:

      1. Click on the Settings tool link above the list of your accounts.
      2. To create a Nickname, under the Nickname column, select the box that is in line with the appropriate account.
      3. In the Nickname column field, type in the desired name. To change the Nickname, simply delete the current name and type a new one.
      4. You should see your account Nicknames saved automatically.

      You may also assign a new description to any account displayed or hide a displayed account.

  • What are the requirements for my username? Expand Icon

    • - Must be at least six characters long and no longer than 20 characters.
      - Cannot be all numbers (can be all letters or characters)
      - Can contain letters, numbers and the following characters: @$*_-=.!~
      - Cannot contain any whitespace (spaces are not allowed: including before, in the middle, or after the username)

  • What are the requirements for my password? Expand Icon

    • - Must be at least six characters long and no longer than 32 characters.
      - Must contain characters from at least two of the following three categories: Letters, Numbers, Any special characters
      - Cannot contain any whitespace (spaces are not allowed: including before, in the middle, or after the password)

      Other items to note about passwords:
      - Newly created passwords are case sensitive.
      - Passwords do not expire.
      - Minimum and maximum password lengths cannot be configured.
      - There is no policy about password reuse. 

  • How do I change my username? Expand Icon

      1. Click on the My Settings link at the top right
      2. Click Edit
      3. Enter a new username that matches the username guidelines described in the Username Policy Section
      4. Enter your current password
      5. Click Save
  • How do I change my password? Expand Icon

      1. Click on the My Settings link at the top right
      2. Click Edit next to your password
      3. Enter your current password
      4. Enter your new password twice
      5. Click Save to submit'

      Like all passwords, it is important to keep your Internet Banking password confidential. If you forget your password, you must contact your financial institution to receive a new one.

      Also, for increased security, periodic password changes may be imposed by your Financial Institution. If you are required to change your password, you will be prompted to do so when you log in to your Internet Banking session. When this occurs, you will receive a warning message when logging in that your password will soon expire.

  • Why am I having trouble logging into Personal Online Banking? Expand Icon

    • KANZA Bank Personal Online Banking incorporates multiple security measures to keep your account information private. To help maintain the most secure access, please observe the following:

      - Your username and password are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as you established them. Entering incorrect information more than once will result in your account access being locked. If this occurs, contact KANZA Bank customer service Monday through Friday during business hours.
      - Occasionally, our system will automatically require you to update your password and you’ll be prompted to do so upon login.
      -  If you correctly enter your user ID and are unable to proceed to the password screen, your account may be locked.

  • Why do I have to keep entering a verification code to log in? Expand Icon

    • This appears to be an issue with Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0+ automatically deleting your cookies every time you shut down your computer. That’s why you are not recognized the next time you try to log in to online banking and you have to enter the verification code again. To fix this, just follow the steps below.

      1. Within IE 9.0+, click the Tools icon on the upper right side (looks like a gear wheel).
      2. Select Internet Options from the dropdown list.
      3. In the Browsing history section, uncheck the "Delete browsing history on exit" checkbox.
      4. Click the Privacy tab.
        1. Click the "Advanced" button.

        2. Select the "Override Automatic Cookie Handling" checkbox.

        3. Select "First-party Cookies" and "Third-party Cookies" radio buttons, if needed.

        4. Select the "Always Allow Session Cookies" checkbox.

        5. Click the OK button.

  • How can I update my security phone number? Expand Icon

    • The Online Statement Options feature allows you to choose between receiving monthly statements by mail or waiving them. In addition, you may also have the option between receiving or not receiving e-mail notifications of your online statement availability. If your e-mail is not on file, and you elect to receive monthly e-mail reminders, you will be asked to supply it.

      To change your online statement options:

      1. Click the desired method of handling paper statements delivered by mail.
      2. (Optional) Click the radio button for the desired method of handling e-mail reminders of online statement availability.
      3. Click Change Online Statement Options to submit your preferences for monthly statement delivery and e-mail reminders. A confirmation message appears.
      4. Select another option on the user options page or choose another Internet Banking option from the main menu.
  • What is KANZA Bank mobile banking? Expand Icon

    • KANZA Bank mobile banking is free and easy. You can have secure access to your accounts from your web-capable mobile device with our password-protected Multifactor Authentication. With this method, you are actually logging into KANZA Bank online banking from your device where you’ll have the ability to check your balances, pay bills, transfer funds, view recent account activity and search for KANZA Bank locations and ATMs. You can download our free custom app by logging into your App store on your mobile devices.

  • What is KANZA Bank text banking? Expand Icon

    • If you prefer to manage your accounts without logging in to online banking, you’ll appreciate banking by text. Text banking is secure and almost instantaneous from your mobile device. To avoid or minimize usage fees, check to make sure your device has a text message or data plan. Once you’re set up, it’s easy to check your balances and transfer between accounts by typing in a few abbreviated commands:

      BAL View primary account balance
      BAL ALL View all account balances
      LAST View last 5 transactions on primary account
      BAL CHK View account balance of checking account
      BAL SAV View account balance of savings account
      TRANS Transfer funds to primary account
      HELP Get help on keywords
      STOP Deactivate text message banking service
  • Is there a cost associated with the text and mobile banking services? Expand Icon

    • There is no charge for the KANZA Bank Mobile Application download or usage. There is also no charge for text and mobile access. In terms of your mobile device, any charges are dependent upon your device’s text and data usage plans. Please consult your mobile provider.

  • How secure is banking by text or mobile phone? Expand Icon

    • KANZA Bank mobile banking is made secure through password-protected Multifactor Authentication which requires multiple levels of knowledge by the user in order to gain access. The process involves unique passwords set up by you, which we will prompt you to change at various intervals; unique security questions established by you; and verifications sent to your device requiring a response in order to gain access.

  • How do I enroll in mobile and text banking? Expand Icon

    • As a KANZA Bank customer, you will be prompted to enroll in mobile banking either through e-mail or through your customer service representative. You may also initiate mobile banking by opening the application after downloading it to your phone. After the application has been installed on your phone, you can access the account by using the same Login and Password used for your Online Banking access. You may also click here to enroll in mobile banking or text banking.

  • What kind of phone do I need to have for mobile or text banking? Expand Icon

    • Most iPhone®, iPad®, AndroidTM and BlackBerry® devices are compatible with these functions. If your phone has mobile web browsing capabilities, most likely it is capable of mobile banking. If you have questions in this regard, visit with your mobile device provider. If your phone is capable of mobile banking, it can accommodate texting as long as your mobile device plan includes texting capabilities.

  • Where can I find the free KANZA Bank Mobile App? Expand Icon

    • Our customized KANZA Bank Mobile App is available for download at the app store for your iPad®, iPhone®, AndroidTM and BlackBerry® smartphone. Just search for KANZA Bank app; this is a free application.

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