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Protect Yourself from Rising Fraud

Account takeovers are on the rise and KANZA Bank wants to help protect you and your assets from scammers. Fraudsters are becoming more advanced in their practices so knowing the ways your money can be accessed and the types of fraud can help you identify a scam. 

Common ways scammers gain access to accounts

  • Phone calls/texts and email: This is a scam that has recently increased in our area. Fraudsters will call from a number that will show KANZA Bank in the caller ID and pose as an employee (called phishing). The person may have some of your information but will ask for you to verify other details (ex. social security number, account balance, debit card number or pin, etc.). Note that KANZA Bank will not ask this information of you nor do we have access to your debit card pin number to verify. Commonly through email, a link is included that is then used by the scammers to access your computer. 
  • Skimming: This is a method by which thieves obtain your credit and debit card account information to create counterfeit credit or debit cards. It takes place at the point of purchase. Your card is swiped for an actual purchase, then swiped again into the skiming device which could be a hand-held or similar device.


What to do if you think you are being or have been scammed

  • If you have received a phone call, text or email and you suspect it of being fraudulent, hang up or don't respond to the text/email. If you believe soneone has impersonated a bank employee, call us at 888-532-5821 and report the issue. If you believe someone has impersonated a merchant, look up the phone number for the merchant (do not call the number the person called from or one in an email) and report it to the merchant.
  • If you provided someone with your bank or other personal information and believe it was a scam, call KANZA Bank at 888-532-5821 and report it. 
  • If it was in fact a scam, you can learn more about how to report identity theft or phishing by clicking here.

Remember, KANZA Bank will never contact you and ask for you to provide personal or account information. If you receive a call, text or email that appears to be from KANZA Bank and does ask that information, hang up and contact us at 888-532-5821.

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